2015 Summer Program Overview

In summer 2015, the University of Pittsburgh will continue to offer a dynamic series of programs – the Pitt Summer Edge – to give undergraduate Pitt students a more competitive advantage through intensive academic and experiential studies. 

Who should consider getting the Summer Edge?
These programs are specially designed for Pitt students who are looking for opportunities to prepare for medical school or to engage in the world’s energy and public health needs – in short, students who want the edge in preparing for the future.

The 2015 Summer Edge programs are:

  • the Edge in Medicine and Biomedical Research
  • the Edge in Public and Global Health

Each program will enroll a maximum of 30 Pitt students and will include activities that will empower students through academic exploration and hands-on experience. The program runs during the regular 12-week summer session: the first day of the 12-week term is Monday, May 11, 2015 and the last day is Saturday, August 1.

Updated 4/07/2015.