Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the Summer Edge programs?
All undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Consult individual program requirements for prerequisites.

How can I determine if all of the Summer Edge program credits will count toward graduation?
Please consult with your academic advisor on specific questions unique to your own plan of study. Generally, all courses offered as part of the Summer Edge program have been approved to meet graduation requirements. However, you may have already exceeded the maximum number of elective credits permitted by your academic unit. This would result in more credits than needed to graduate.

Do I have to register for each of the courses in my summer program?
No. Based on the receipt of your $500 deposit by the deadline, you will be registered in all the courses associated with the Summer Edge Program.

What is included in the program cost?

  • For the Edge in Public and Global Health, the program costs includes tuition (11-12 credits), fees, and all expenses except for textbooks. For an additional charge, students can stay in the University of Pittsburgh residence hall accommodations with a meal plan. Textbooks, room and board are not included.
  • For the Edge in Wyoming, the program costs includes tuition (6 credits), program expenses, field trips, fees, as well as dormitory lodging and meals while at the University of Wyoming. Travel including airfare to University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY and textbooks are not included.

Will completion of the Summer Edge program be detailed on my Pitt transcript?
Yes. A transcript notation stating completion of the specific program will appear on your transcript.

Who will be in my classes?
As an enrolling student in this unique Pitt summer program, you will be one of a small number of students enrolled in your program and will be considered a member of the program cohort attending classes and related activities with the same students. Typically, program sizes will be limited to 25 students, creating a unique, high quality, heavily engaged learning environment.

Besides the academic core, what other activities and experiences will be part of the program?
Your University ID will remain active and will continue to provide you with access to all of the usual activities, and services such as student activities, Port Authority Transit bus access, safety and security, computer access, etc. Students from the University of Pittsburgh regional campuses will have all the services that Pittsburgh summer students receive. In addition, the Summer Edge programs feature out-of-classroom activities, providing an exceptionally focused and high-quality academic experience.

Will I be eligible for financial aid for the summer?
Financial aid for the summer term is limited, and eligibility is determined in part by the amount of financial aid used for the previous two terms. You should contact the Financial Aid Office for an assessment of your individual situation.

Can Pitt educational benefits be used for Pitt Simmer Edge program?
Yes. Educational benefits will apply strictly to Pitt tuition.

If I enroll in a Pitt Summer Edge program, can I still work a summer job?
Yes. If you have been able to work during any other term while enrolled full time, you should also be able to work while completing a Summer Edge program. Please note that the Edge in Wyoming program will be in residence at the University of Wyoming and over four weeks, students will complete 6 credits.

Can I be exempt from one or more of the Summer Edge required courses?
No. The Summer Edge programs require full-time enrollment and completion of all courses.

Can I register for additional Pitt courses in the summer if I enroll in a Summer Edge program?
Yes, but you will be charged the per-credit cost for any additional courses, plus all usual fees including any required course or laboratory fees associated with the additional courses.

Can graduating seniors apply?
If you are scheduled to graduate in May 2017, having met all graduation requirements, and choose to enroll in a Pitt Summer Edge Program it is likely you will be completing additional credits not required for graduation. However, if you are scheduled to graduate in August 2017 and plan to enroll in a Summer Edge program to complete the remaining credits for graduation who must check with your academic advisor to ensure that the courses/credits in the Summer Edge program will meet your remaining credit requirement for graduation. Otherwise you will be enrolling in additional credits not required for graduation. If, however, you choose to enroll in a Pitt Summer Edge program, recognizing that you will be completing additional credits not required for graduation you can do so. Should you choose to apply you should mention in your statement that you understand you will be completing credits not required for graduation but want to complete a Pitt Summer Edge Program. However, in all cases you should consult with your academic advisor.

What happens if I need to withdraw from one or more courses?
It is possible to withdraw from one or more program courses with the approval of your Summer Edge program director, but refunds will not be available, and as a result of withdrawal, you will not receive recognition of program completion on your transcript.

What happens if I withdraw from the Summer Edge program entirely?
Depending on when you decide to officially withdraw from the program, your charges will be prorated according to the University refund policy.